Who is will pugh dating

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Who is will pugh dating

"They either kill themselves or they live this incredibly boring and horrendous life. “I don’t think I'm the best person to ask this because I love Katherine.We're not used to seeing a woman kick back in the way Katherine does, and if we ever do, it's the man being cheeky or naughty. “This is why it's so shocking – because we're seeing a very modern story in a very period film.” Getting Pugh to speak candidly about the character is tough. She is just a girl and she’s put in these situations where she has to react. British director William Oldroyd’s assured debut feature follows a girl named Katherine who, after entering a loveless marriage to a bitter man twice her age, has her hunger for power sparked when she begins an affair with a worker on her husband's estate.It's a period drama set in 1865 and in many ways is incomparable to anything you'll have seen this year, heightened by British breakout star Florence Pugh, whose central performance is one that is likely to be the subject of acting workshops long in the future.As Lady Macbeth draws on, Katharine begins to display manic tendencies to commit, shall we say, unethical acts. At no point did I think I had to put on the bad-man cape – she’s just acting with instincts.She’s pushed and so she pushes back.” Staggeringly, the role landed at Pugh's feet at the age of 19 – something that still surprises her to this day.I think it's all accidental and it's up to you to decide what ones you don't want to be accidental.

“I always hate it when I see the wrong person in massive roles so for me, my biggest fear would be accepting a role I thought I wouldn’t find the rhythm of." Pugh reflects upon the experience with immense positivity.“But good picky.” Something Pugh is happy to speak about without prompting is the treatment of women in Hollywood, a subject plagued with all kinds of unsettling stats (earlier this year, it was reported that women comprised just 9 per cent of directors of the top 250 highest-grossing films of 2016).There is a fightback, however, with Jessica Chastain last week stating she will actively turn down roles if she discovers she is getting paid less than her male co-star. She continues: “The men are perfectly lovely but you go 'surely you're not the only ones who could be doing his job?“I will never be able to say that ever again.” It seems Pugh's career is truly on the ascent bolstered by a heap of rising star awards she's received over the past few years ( was completely [that] and I still see it as a fluke.I happened to be around at that time to send a tape that Carol happened to see.

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The feature – loosely based on not Shakespeare but Nikolai Leskov's 19th-century novella this is not.

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