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Your calculation of adding 60*60*24*2 to the current time does not account for the two days when some timezones change to and from daylight savings time. ios,swift,autolayout In initialize Settings View() add nib Translates Autoresizing Mask Into Constraints(false). Not An Attribute, multiplier: 1.0, constant: 90.0)) And you do not need to set the position of settings View, since it will be layout at the right position based on...And then in view Didload add the hight constraint to settings View constraints.append(NSLayout Constraint(item: settings View, attribute: . ios,unity3d,shader,mesh,particle You can do it using geometry shaders to create billboarding geometry from each vertex on the GPU.But I have seen this changes only if I reload UITable View Controller entirely. How to refresh table View cells immediately after updating my Persistent Store?- (void)controller:(NSFetched Results Controller *)controller did Change Object:(id)an Object at Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path for Change Type:(NSFetched Results Change Type)type new Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)new Index Path I am not sure what your complete setup involves but you do need to implement NSFetched Results Controller Delegate protocol methods to dynamically update your tableview cells.ios,xcode,swift,uitableview,tableviewcell Because you are using reusable cells when you try to select a cell that is not in the screen anymore the app will crash as the cell is no long exist in memory, try this: if let last Cell = Face For Row At Index Path(last Index Path) as! ios,uitableview view With Tag: is a very fragile way to get a reference to views, and isn't recommended.But what I think is happening is that you need to call view With Tag: on cell.content View rather than the cell itself.

For example: "CFBundle Display Name" = "App display name"; "CFBundle Name" = "App bundle name"; ...

https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/ios/documentation/Core Data/Reference/NSFetched Results Controller Delegate_Protocol/If you are using different managed object context to make updates, you will have to merge those changes as well before they are reflected in your context.

Update1 #pragma mark - NSFetched Results Controller Delegate - (void)controller Will Change Content:(NSFetched Results Controller *)controller - (void)controller:(NSFetched Results Controller *)controller did Change Section:(id )section Info at Index:(NSUInteger)section Index for Change Type:(NSFetched Results Change Type)type - (void)controller:(NSFetched Results Controller *)controller did Change Object:(id)an Object at Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path for Change Type:(NSFetched Results Change Type)type new Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)new Index Path - (void)controller Did Change Content:(NSFetched Results Controller *)controller ios,objective-c,asynchronous,uiviewcontroller,nsobject You'll have to 'remember' which UIView Controller calls the object. in .h @property (nonatomic) UIView Controller *view Controller; in your .m file @synthesize view Controller; Before calling the method, set the property with an Controller = self; Then, you'll be able to call [view Controller finished Post:self]; inside...

The first one mutates the existing NSMutable String.

Adds to the end of the receiver the characters of a given string.

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Since Strings are so prevalent in Swift and Cocoa/Foundation methods, you should just use that unless you have a specific need for a Character—otherwise...

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