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Cultural heritage is the principal identity Of the Kathmandu valley which boasts of ancient temples, districts cultural, arts, and, artifacts.The place is also a center of faith for people from different religious backgrounds. There is a famous Jame Mosque for the Muslims and the city also has many churches built by the Christian community.Nightlife in Kathmandu is concentrated on Thamel, which saw only minor damage in the 2015 earthquake.Another cluster of popular bars can be found at Pulchowk in Patan, which also escaped the worst in the tremors.The Kathmandu valley constitutes of three districts Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur and is bounded by hills on all four sides; Sangha bhanjyang from the east ,bad Bhanjyang from the west, Panchmane Bhanjyang from the north and Pharping Bhanjyang from the south .The landscape of green hills and the visa of the Himalayas in its surrounding add to the attractions of this valley.

The Himalayas may take you higher than you have ever before, but the valley takes you deeper.Looking more Manhattan than downtown Kathmandu, the bar has an extensive cocktail menu and chill-out sounds on the system. Website: far the most sophisticated night out in Thamel, Tamas Spa Lounge offers Buddha Bar ambiance, ground-breaking cocktails and deeply cool sounds, from live music to DJ sets.Candles, flowing drapes, divans and Buddha statues create the perfect chill-out space. Website: The only serious jazz venue in Kathmandu, this cosy bar hosts the best musicians in the valley on Wednesday and Saturday.Festival, traditions and rituals reflecting the uniqueness of native Newar community of Kathmandu making the city more attractive and alluring to its visitors.Being the capital, Kathmandu is also the educational and commercial center of the country.

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Kathmandu valley is surrounded by wooded hills in all four sides.

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