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The point remains — no matter how many Instagram filters that picture is run through, no matter how many times you make a pass over your face with the smudging tool near that one big zit that won’t go away, the real life human being you’re sitting across the table from on your first date is still an unknown quantity, full of potential to be either good, bad, or absolutely wonderful.

All you have to do is take the chance and look beyond what touchups Photoshop may have done.

Nothing noticeable, really, until I asked precisely what kind of work she was doing.

“I play with color filters and border effects, the kind of stuff that Instagram does, because I don’t have Instagram.

Jezebel ran an article today on surprising a cottage-industry that’s popped up in Russia: photoshopping dating profile pics.

They link to a fascinating website which is all in Russian, and just shows rows and rows and rows of of photoshopped pictures, the most disturbing of which is probably this one: Disturbing first of all because of how completely the photoshop job has altered her, but also because: is she…in a classroom? Anyway, there are scores and scores of examples where that came from.

I also make myself look better in various ways like adding more shadow around the face, trimming arm fat, adding space between the thighs or blurring chins together,” she told me. “I am very happy with the way I look, but I spent six and a half years with the wrong man.

He says, “Your profile picture is your personal brand. Physical attraction is important (so is every other kind of attraction, but right now we are talking about the physical kind).

Commenting on the findings, True View co-founder Matt Verity said: ‘It’s all very well trying to suck in your tummy when someone’s taking a photo of you, or make sure your best side is always turned to the camera.

After presenting 305 volunteers aged 17 to 36 with a single photo that was either casual or enhanced, of a man or a woman, researchers reported that men were less likely to trust women who posted an 'enhanced' photo with good angles, good lighting and make-up.

The TV shows you dutifully type as your faves, or your confidently glib response to “Who you’re looking to meet” requires a kernel of truth to maintain sincerity, but is generally wrapped in a projection of the person you want to be, and the kind of people you want to attract.

We mention certain things in our profiles partly because they’re true, and partly because we use them as shiny objects intended to attract the kind of person we want.

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Now a new survey has found that the adage is particularly true when it comes to online dating as a quarter of singles admit to Photoshopping their images before posting them in the hope of finding love.

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