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"That's me at a conference in Greece," he said. "Someone from that same conference the Bumbler said he was 51, and a consultant for the World Health Organization."In my text conversation with him, he told me he was Greek and an ophthalmologist. "There are a lot of people who take random photos and make fake profiles.

What gets me is he says he’s me at 51." Dave is only 44-years-old and plans to live to 180.

In the case of Emanuel, she theorizes he may be socially awkward or just needs an ego boost by matching with women on the dating apps.“Having the opportunity to chat with someone to boost your ego, if you're looking like someone they might want to go out with.

Because of this, if a date does occur, a lot of pressure is put on the entire night.

With busy maxed out schedules more and more people are turning to online dating captivating over 40 million Americans. It starts with the profile, what seekers write is key and considering that 22% of profiles have been written by someone other than the subscriber it’s no wonder our dating world has become nothing short of a scavenger hunt.

Although we have the ability to meet the masses there is a major down side that comes with it. Finding that soul mate is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Julie Spira literally wrote the book on cyber-dating.

She says, the number one complaint is that people show up for the first date and they don’t look like their profile photos.

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These days everybody has a digital footprint—Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram even Linkedin could be used to confirm that the person you’ve met online is the person you’ll meet in reality.

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